Blockchain Tutorials

Read the best blockchain tutorials, selected by our better engineers. These tutorials introduce what blockchain is, how to create a blockchain from scratch, and code examples to help you get started with blockchain programming.

How To: Write a Simple Smart Contract

In this article Morgan Fogarty guide us on how to write a very simple Smart Contract in the Solidity programming language. She explains basic concepts on this subject like that contracts are declared with an uppercase first letter and they act like classes in Ruby, Java and Python. Solidity is a statically or strongly typed language. In …

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Building a Blockchain using JavaScript

A Blockchain on its basic concept refers to a distributed database that maintains a continuously growing list of ordered records that anyone can read but that are immutable. Learn how to build a simple blockchain using JavaScript.

Learn X in Y minutes Where X=Solidity

Solidity lets you program on Ethereum, a blockchain-based virtual machine that allows the creation and execution of smart contracts, without requiring centralized or trusted parties.

Writing a blockchain with RxJS

Learn to program a blockchain using RxJS while you learn that blockchain does not work with magic, but it is a very good way to solve certain problems, particularly when decentralization or content distribution is needed.