News on Blockchain

Whether you’re new to blockchain or have some familiarity with it, we have posts that cover everything from the basics to in-depth technical tutorials. If you want to learn about blockchain programming and how it works, be sure to read the “What is Blockchain” articles. Once you’re ready to dive in further, we’ve gathered the best blockchain tutorials.

Writing a blockchain with RxJS

Learn to program a blockchain using RxJS while you learn that blockchain does not work with magic, but it is a very good way to solve certain problems, particularly when decentralization or content distribution is needed.

The authoritative guide to blockchain development

Cryptocurrencies, ICOs, magic internet money — it’s all so damn exciting, and you, the eager developer, want to get in on the madness. Where do you start? Here you can find a nice guide to help you start with blockchain development

7 Steps to Your Blockchain Startup

A nice introduction on what is blockchain, it uses and how to start working with it from an ordinary use case while reviewing how blockchain popularity grows every day.

How to start writing your Hyperledger Fabric Nodejs chaincode

Writing chaincode shouldn’t be a hassle. Luckily Hyperledger Fabric has introduced Nodejs chaincode in v1.1.0. Compared to Golang, this is a language more people understand and find easier to use, it’s much more of an overhead to write chaincode than Nodejs.

How To Start Learning Blockchain Development

Getting started with blockchain technology is the same as learning about any other field in the tech world – it requires meticulous research and self-education. Luckily, in this blog post we’ve broken down some of the basic steps on how to get started developing with blockchain technology

How Does Ethereum Work, Anyway?

In this article Preethi, a Blockchain Engineer, explains with great detail about what Ethereum is. This post covers important Ethereum concepts like gas, proof of work, and more. >20 min |  

Why Blockchain is Hard?

Jimmy Song goes briefly into what a blockchain is, then explain what the challenges are when developing on decentralized systems. 10-20 min |