What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a public list of records that is distributed, consistent, and irreversible. Since these records are distributed, there isn’t a sole person or entity that controls the information on the blockchain. It’s immutable and records are consistent across all nodes in the system.

67 Insane Facts About Bitcoin

This infographic prepared by BitcoinPlay will give you a much better understanding of the driving forces behind the world’s first cryptocurrency, how it came to be, who embraced it first, and how governments handle it. Source: https://bitcoinplay.net/58-insane-facts-about-bitcoin/

Ethereum: an introduction

This engaging and interactive learning experience includes videos, quizzes and other powerful lessons that will help you better understand this topic. On this course you will learn the basics of Ethereum.

Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Development

In this course you will find the fundamentals that will give you a theoretical understanding of the cryptocurrencies technology from a technical and economic perspective while provides an overview of the legal landscape. This a SalsaMobi Education Effort

Story of Money

In this course you will find an overview of the story of money. You will: – Understand the Concept of Money – Identify the functions of the Money – Analyze the story and the main monetary systems used through time